The Importance of Power Dressing.

In a cut-throat world, tailor-made for people of average height, it’s vital that us petite folk never feel over looked. Yes, it’s endearing to be different, but those of you with tiny torsos and little legs will agree that being called ‘cute’ all the time is more tedious than it is flattering. Be it a job interview, a date or even just a trip to the corner shop for some milk- nobody should ever under-estimate how fierce you are. This is why power dressing is KEY.

You may not be aware of it but a lot of well known figures are surprisingly small in stature. It’s not always immediately obvious that they’re lacking a few inches though due to the meticulous care they take when dressing. These ladies have well and truly nailed the art of extending their exteriors….

Nicole Richie 5ft 1

From the moment Nicole and Paris parted ways, Miss Richie has been unstoppable in the style stakes. Far from living the simple life, Nicole looks every inch the successful business woman below.



Vanessa Hudgens 5ft 1

This boho babe has come a long way since her HSM days. Her evolution is amazing inspo for those of us looking to shake off that young girl image without compromising our sense of fun.



Zoe Kravitz 5ft 2

Beautifully chic, you would never guess that Zoe was vertically challenged. She knows what shapes work for her frame and keeps things simple when it comes to colour.



Emilia Clarke 5ft 2

Gorgeous Game of Thrones gal EC always knows how to make an entrance on the red carpet. Striking the right balance between cute and powerful with a bold use of colour, it’s clear she doesn’t take any prisoners.

GQ Men Of The Year Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals


The Olsen Twins 4ft 11

MK and Ashley will forever be fashion goals. The pair look drastically different from how they did back in their teenage years and often receive unwarranted criticism for this, with many stating that their dress sense ages them beyond their years. I, however, think their eclectic style is a sophisticated and refreshing change from the norm.



Kourtney Kardashian 5 ft

Standing at a grand 5 foot nothing, Kourtney is the smallest member of the renowned Kardashian clan. Fortunately she doesn’t let this stop her from reaching for the stars and is no stranger to taking risks when it comes to fashion.  These risks tend to pay off though with KK always looking on point when papped.


Regardless of your preferred aesthetic, every short girl can achieve a powerful image with the aid of fashion. It’s all about balancing your proportions and elongating the short bits. Once you work this out you’ll be running circles round the tallest of them.


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