The Year of The Statement Ear.

In the past I had always believed that a person’s taste in earrings spoke volumes about their sense of style. By this I mean that you could probably guess what’s in somebody’s wardrobe just by casting a look over their lobes. For example, those who opted for small plain gold hoops or studs tended to be minimalists owning simple but pricey clothes, while those who preferred the dangly gemstone variety were usually of a more eclectic persuasion. Then you had your more obvious stereotypes; big hooped huns loved the sports luxe look (partial to a Champion tee) and pom pom wearing women liked anything a bit fun. Does that make any sense?

Despite my bold earring-based assertions, it seems I may have been too quick to judge. Firstly, such assumptions would suggest that a girl without any sort of interest in wearing earrings was a naturist. And secondly, I’ve noticed something strange happening on my daily commute into central London lately. (No, not people talking to each other, that would be weird AF). Women across all different fashion tribes are joining together by decorating their lug holes with loud statement earrings. It may not quite be world peace but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. I never used to be a big earring kinda girl but I can’t get enough of this trend right now. It’s also great for petite women, since long earrings elongate the neck!

Here are a few of my favourites:


Zara £12.99 

Tassel earrings are so on trend right now and I love how vibrant these 60s flower power beauties are.




Topshop £14.50

This amazing lilac pair are the perfect mixture of chic and quirky, which means they can be worn with pretty much anything.



H&M £6.99

Hello, it’s me. In case you don’t feel you’re getting the attention you deserve, these cuties will definitely get you noticed.


4)0479465001_1_100011& Other Stories £35

If, like me, you don’t like anything too girly then these earrings are a good hybrid of grungy with a bit of glitz. Perfect if you aren’t used to wearing too much colour (also me).


5)1856215050_1_1_1Zara £12.99

So chic. You can’t go wrong with a bit of mustard and who doesn’t love a nice geometric design? A must have for any jewellery box.


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