Fine Lines.

Pinstripes, streaks and panels…however you wear them, vertical lines are a petite girl’s best friend. They elongate the body like nothing else can, giving the illusion of never ending limbs, thereby perfecting your proportions. But stripes aren’t always so complimentary; horizontal lines can have the opposite effect by widening the body which is a no-no if you’re a top heavy petite with a shorter torso.

If in doubt, take some inspiration from these experts…

(Note of caution: if you’re in the UK right now, you’ll need to wear a massive coat over any of these outfits cos it’s bloody freezing)



This light pinstriped co-ord is great for subtly adding length to the legs and can be dressed up or down. The high waist on the cropped trouser, again, elongates the leg as does the exposed ankle.

This could look fab in the office with ankle boots or you could casj it up with some trainers for the evening, as worn by the lovely @lauraslittlelocket.



If you’ve got shorter than average legs, a common piece of advice is the one third to two thirds rule. This means tactically dressing so that your top half takes up 1/3 of your outfit and your bottom half takes up the remaining 2/3. You with me?

Not only has @livblankson smashed these fractions with a high waisted jean, she’s also managed to further extend her upper third with a stripy shirt. Pure wizardry.

And full marks for making a pyjama top look chic.



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💛London tings

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One of the easiest ways to wear stripes is by investing in a jumpsuit like the one worn by the beaut @sunitav_ (also loving the white boots #slay)

Plus, anything with turn ups that cinches you in at the waist is great for petite girls. The jumpsuit’s from Bershka which, despite not having a petite section per se, is often so good for finding on trend, adaptable clothes that won’t drown you. If you’ve never been I recommend checking out their website.



At only 5ft 3, @missjoslin definitely has to consider her proportions when dressing. Here she’s opted for some gorgeous mustard orange wide legs with a black stripe panel on the side. This is a great trick for making legs appear longer and is very Kourtney Kardashian-esque, especially with the heeled boots underneath.

Oh, and loving the sassy fur coat.



If oversized jackets are your thing, a good way of evening out your legs is by pairing them with stripy flares.

@amyfuchsia shows us how it’s done in her baggy denim jacket and clingy verticals. Proof that you don’t always need to stick to style rules rigidly.



It’s all in the details. If you’re more of a minimalist, you can give a subtle nod to stripes by experimenting with textures like ribbed knits or corduroy as seen on @vickyeibad.

We love this casual cosy pairing; the colours work so well together and the visual trickery is just as effective on her petite frame.



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All instagram images used above come with full photo creds.

Featured image: Instagram @ladylesavage

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