V-Neck Vibes.

This post is all about the optical trickery of the V shaped neckline and how it can enhance one’s height.

So what’s all the fuss about?

V-necks act almost like an arrow, drawing the eye down and thereby making the chest and neck area appear longer. This helps your overall aesthetic flow better by exposing skin in the right place which extends the look of your torso. If you’d rather not have too much skin on show, the good news is that necklaces with a V shape can create a similar effect so you can place these over tops with a higher neckline to achieve the same results.

TOP TIP: If you have long legs but a short body, pair a long line v-neck top with mid or low rise bottoms. If you’re short all over or have particularly short legs, a v-neck paired with high waisted jeans or trousers can work wonders.

Have a goosey gander at some petite fashionistas giving us the V below…

OMG STAAAP. This girl’s style is always so on point and you’d never guess she’s only 5ft 2! Love the french tailored look with a high waisted jean.

Not the first time we’ve featured this girl but she’s simply too chic too ignore. I love how she’s styled this brown H&M cardi; it looks so cute tucked in to the jeans and gives her legs for days. Cardigans can often make petite girls look a bit dumpy but the neckline on this beauty does the complete opposite. A definite triumph in the style stakes.

This feminine yet edgy ensemble from @kateogata is super cool. If you’re on the hunt for a dress this festive season, v-neck shapes are generally one of the most flattering.

A classy blouse with a low cut neckline is another clever way to incorporate the V. This effortless chic look by @lauraslittlelocket is perfect for a dinner date or brunch with pals.

@jotimann shows us how to achieve the look with a more modest get up. Layering works best when kept simple, especially on smaller frames.

This is the perfect example of how a necklace can create the same elongating effect that a V shaped neckline can. @gentlelights has really given this outfit some extra edge just through some careful accessorising.

Looking especially pretty in pink, @holstayy masters the art of petite dressing with this killer outfit. The V-neck and flares combo is genius. If you’re looking for petite partywear this season, Pretty Little Thing is definitely worth a visit.

We hope you’ve been V inspired by our top picks 😉

For more petite fashion tips and insights check out the rest of the blog here.

Image Credits:

All images featured are from Instagram with credits included.

Featured image is from the Instagram of @amyfuchsia

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