Top Trainers for Petites.

First world problem of the day: You like wearing trainers but they don’t always give your little legs enough height…AMIRITE?

Luckily it’s all about casual platforms and the chunky “dad sneaker” style right now, giving the vertically challenged way more choice. These 7 styles will give your soles that much-needed boost this season without compromising on style.



Just like the standard version but with a much thicker platform, these bad boys are perfect for getting a half decent view of the stage at this year’s Summer festivals (#shortgirlproblems). You can snap up a pair for just £60 from their website here.



If you’re into an edgier aesthetic, perhaps the new Mindblower model from Fila is more up your street. Fila have brought out a few chunky styles recently and Office stock them all, so check out their website if you want more variety. Click here for the ones featured above.



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At £145 a pop, Nike’s Air Max 97s aren’t exactly a steal but they are incredibly durable (I have a pair I’ve worn to death for the past year and they still look fab). You can get your hands on a pair of these streamlined stunners here. 



These Skechers D’Lites are so reminiscent of the 90s. Back then the Skechers brand was renowned for their stilt-like sneaker designs with outrageously hefty platforms. The Spice Girls were especially big fans!

Anyway, back to the present day…this style is bang on trend and the simplistic grey tone keeps things chic. Find them here.



In love with these Foranina beauties. They look a lot like Balenciagas but at a quarter of the price. They’ve definitely got the chunk factor too giving you at least a few inches in height. Perfect with a plain white tee and denim shorts. Get a pair here.



These dreamboats have just dropped and I’m desperate to get my hands on a pair – if only payday were sooner. IDC what they say, millenial pink is still a thing and they look amazing with cropped check trousers, as styled in the photo.

Find them here!



Rihanna recently unleashed these beasts- the latest addition to her FentyxPuma collection. The platforms are HUGE and the contrasting black and green details are everything 😍

Pick up a pair here.


For more petite inspo, check out the rest of the blog hereeeee.


Photo Credits:

Featured Image – @thesolewomens

All images sourced from Instagram

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