The Petite Bloggers Making a Big Impression.

Those of us who never reached the great heights of 5”4 and beyond will know, all too well, the problems that arise from being vertically challenged. Besides not being able to reach the top cupboard in the kitchen (or anything else for that matter), finding clothes that fit properly can be extremely difficult when you’re blessed/cursed with little limbs. Average sized coats and jackets swamp our tiny frames, trousers are never-ending tubes of doom and midi skirts are a minefield of misery.

On the bright side, help is at hand! Here are five of the best petite fashion bloggers in the game to show us how it’s done….

Julie Sariñana

Creator of fashion and lifestyle blog, Sincerely Jules, this L.A based beauty began documenting her adventures back in 2009. She describes her signature style as ‘laid-back chic’ and cites Zara and H&M as some of her favourite clothing retailers. After building up an impressive online following, Miss Sariñana now sells her own designs in the Shop section of her site. She lives by the motto “Dream, believe, achieve” and encourages her followers to do the same. If you’re in need of some serious fashion, hair, beauty or just general life inspo then look no further.

Sandra Hagelstam

This Finnish-born, UK-based creative founded the blog ‘5 Inch and Up’ in 2010, just one year after moving to Britain to study Fashion Design and Marketing at the London College of Fashion. More like an edition of Vogue than a blog, it’s clear that Sandra is a fan of the finer things in life with the majority of the content on her site focussed upon luxury designer attire (and some truly fabulous footwear). Though many of these clothes are perhaps not realistically within (or anywhere near) our price range, a girl can dream.

Sheryl Luke

Another California girl on our list is ‘Walk in Wonderland’ writer, Sheryl Luke. Her signature style is described as ‘edgy chic’ though she enjoys exploring different looks and admits to dabbling with preppy, glamorous and grungy outfits too. She also has a ridiculously cool collection of sunglasses. After starting out in 2010, the blog became such a success that in 2013 she was able to pursue it as a full time career. Sheryl refers to the site as “a personal style diary featuring day to day looks against the beautiful backdrop of Los Angeles”- not the worst job in the world!

Lucy Williams

Describing herself as “5 ft 5 on a good day” its fair to say that the ‘Fashion Me Now’ blogger technically falls a few inches short (tall) of qualifying for this list, however she still considers herself to be “fairly petite” and chooses her outfits accordingly. Hailing from West London, the fashionista began her blog the summer after leaving university and hasn’t looked back. Now a full time blogger and freelance writer with a penchant for high-end clothes, her style is somewhat eclectic with her favourite places to shop ranging from Net-a-porter to Portobello Market.

Joanne Lewis

Standing at a grand 5 foot nothing, the creator of ‘Petite Side of Style’ is another UK based babe. Joanne set up her blog in 2010 after picking up lots of tips and tricks whilst working in the fashion industry after graduating- she now runs the site full time. She has worked on campaigns with multiple fast fashion brands including Missguided, New Look and ASOS; combining clothes from both Petite and Core ranges to show followers how to dress to flatter a smaller frame. She also posts regular videos on her YouTube channel of the same name, where you’ll find a combination of fashion, travel and beauty content.

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