Style Crush: Lily-Rose Depp

With favourable genes and Hollywood connections aplenty, it’s no surprise that the daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp is pursuing a career in the spotlight herself. She may be just 19 years of age, but French-American starlet Lily-Rose has already graced several covers of Vogue and worked on multiple campaigns with infamous fashion house, Chanel. Aside from her burgeoning career as a model, Miss Depp is also an aspiring actress and has starred with the likes of Natalie Portman and a myriad of big French stars.

One thing that isn’t immediately obvious about LRD is her smaller stature. According to the internet, the young fashionista is just 5ft 3 – so not your typical catwalk model, though her lithe limbs would indicate she’s a very proportionate petite. After studying her style over the past few years, it’s clear she’s a big fan of V and halter neck shapes- something that works really well for petites by elongating the neck/chest area (as previously documented here).

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Another trick I’ve noticed Lily applying to her chic ensembles is the 3/4 length sleeve. This is an easy way to add the illusion of longer arms, as demonstrated below. This floral Chanel jacket also features padded shoulders- a trademark tool in power dressing.

For more casual day to day outfits, Lily-Rose uses other simple fixes like tucking her top into her jeans to define her waist and elongate her legs. She generally wears shorter tees, following the one third to two thirds rule.

And in the colder months? Lily tends to opt for cropped but oversized jackets and slim casual bottoms (as per below). Again, the style of jacket adds volume to the shoulders which projects a sense of power. The shorter length means that it falls at the right point on the waist so as not to shorten the leg.

Note the shoes in the photo below too- the colour matches the trousers and socks, creating more flow and stopping the ankle from being cut off.  The “flatform” style is also great for adding a bit of height without the discomfort.


Lily’s style appears super effortless but is all what it seems when you pick her looks apart? Perhaps a little more thought goes into her clothing choices than first meets the eye OR maybe she’s just a natural when it comes to flattering her frame- what do you think?

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