Weird and Wonderful Beauty Hacks.

Women are often driven to extreme lengths in the name of beauty (as in, endless plucking and pain) but there’s extreme and then there’s downright weird. You could spend hours trawling through Instagram to gawp at these freaky fads or you might even be tempted to binge watch a bunch of bizarre beauty videos on Youtube but to save you some time we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of recent cosmetic trends that might make you question the sanity of humankind…. 

Eyebrows Wigs

image one,Yes that’s right, wigs for your eyebrows. No biggie. 

Agreed, this is a slightly unusual concept but actually an amazing alternative to drawing them on, particularly for people who have lost their own brows as a result of chemotherapy or through alopecia. Simply stick them on, be on your way and pray they don’t fall off in front of anyone. 

Surprisingly, there’s an abundance of eyebrow sticker stockists online. Brown ones, pink ones, thick ones, long ones- the world is now your eyebrow oyster.

Freckle Microblading

image two,

As you’re probably aware, micro-blading has become rather en vogue lately. (For those of you who aren’t in the know, it’s essentially the process of tattooing ‘strokes of hair’ into the brow area.) Quite bold but not too crazy. HOWEVER, in our ever changing world, trends move quickly and not always for the better. The next big thing is A LOT weirder. 

People are now paying to have freckles tattooed onto their faces…out of choice. We were fine with the whole drawing them on trend, that was temporary and fun. You could wipe it off if it looked creepy. But people are now resorting to more drastic measures to achieve that cute sun kissed look. Apparently it’s only a semi-permanent procedure that fades over time but it still sounds a bit dodgy to us; think before you ink ladies!

Listerine Pedicure

image three,

Another WTF fad is the practice of soaking one’s feet in mouthwash…because who doesn’t want minty fresh feet? According to some highly reliable internet sources this stuff is the trick to super smooth tootsies- particularly when mixed with vinegar. The science behind it is fairly simple; mouthwash contains various potent chemicals that all act as antiseptics, thereby killing fungus and bacteria. It’s also packed with oils that soften and lift the dead skin on the soles of the feet. Certainly worth giving a go if all the online hype is to be believed.


Face Flossing

image 4,

Say what?! Just when you thought things couldn’t get any stranger, we throw in facial flossing. It may sound weird but beauty vlogger Sukhi Mann swears by it. Basically, you start off by steaming the skin to open up your pores (normal), then proceed to hack away at your blackheads/nose gunk with one of those dental floss pick things (a bit weird). Granted, this IS potentially quite an effective method for removing dirt from the epidermis though this has yet to be proven by any experts. Probably not recommended by dentists either, but bloggers are going mad for this odd addition to their skincare routines. 

What are your weirdest beauty hacks?


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