Petite Celebrity Style Crush: Zoë Kravitz, 5’2”

In the first of our style crush series, we’re taking a deep dive into the wardrobe of petite icon Zoe Kravitz.

Zoë's fashion sense can be described as bohemian, sexy, and sleek. She fearlessly pushes boundaries and isn't afraid to step out of the box. Exuding confidence in everything she wears, she knows how to flatter her petite frame. Zoë's styling choices often create the illusion of a taller body, making her look like she's not even trying. Here’s a little run down of what she wears on repeat in order to emulate her look.

Elongate the figure

It's no secret that Zoë loves a maxi. Long dresses and skirts help create a continuous vertical line that elongates her body. To maximise the effect, she usually opts for open necklines such as off-the-shoulder or deep-necked pieces and incorporates side slits. Petite ladies will love this strategy as it is visually appealing and creates the illusion of height. Zoë also prefers to keep the colour and fabric consistent from head to toe, which helps with the overall flow of her look and enhances her height even more.


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Accentuate the waistline

Zoë has a clever trick for balancing her proportions and lengthening her lower half when she's not wearing a long, sleek outfit. She draws attention to her waistline, preferring high-waisted styles or cropped tops that showcase a bit of her torso. By accentuating her waist, she creates a harmonious look that allows her to explore edgier styles with ease. Whether she's wearing daring or intriguing pieces, the focus remains on her waist, creating an illusion of a longer bottom half and overall balance.

Show some skin

If you're on the shorter side, showing more skin can do wonders for your overall look and Zoë is a prime example of that. She often flaunts her legs by wearing lots of short-shorts, mini dresses, and micro skirts during the warmer months. These styles elongate her legs, even without high heels! When it comes to footwear, Zoë keeps the flow seamless by opting for shoes that don't cut her off at the ankles and often choose chunky ankle boots. Thin ankle straps or no straps at all are her go-tos, which is ideal for all my fellow shorties out there.


Layers, layers, layers

I've said this before and I'll say it again: Layering is a style must for petites! By layering in a way that elongates her body, Zoë creates the illusion of a longer frame, just like how long, body-skimming dresses do for her. While many petites fear that long coats will be overwhelming, the opposite is actually true, they can create the look of a long vertical line. Although fitted coats will give the most height, Zoë still achieves the same effect with oversized and baggier styles. To avoid looking like a pile of bulky fabric, she tends to pair her more relaxed layers with fitted styles or waist-cinching pieces.



Creating a chic and elongated silhouette is a goal that many people strive for, regardless of their height. Incorporating these techniques into your wardrobe can help you create a chic and elongated silhouette that will leave you feeling confident and super cool just like Zoë. .site-nav__dropdown { display: block; top: 100%; } #PageContainer { margin-bottom: -113px; }