Maxi skirts: from 80s/90s til today - an evergreen trend

Thanks to TikTok and Gen Z, '90s and Y2K fashion is more popular than ever and for spring/summer 2023, it's all about the resurgence of the maxi skirt. Long skirts, this time around are no longer associated with bohemian style or hippie-chic like they did back in 2013, but can be dressed up or down, offering an endless amount of versatility.

Though this piece has been around for many years, the maxi skirt still leads the way when it comes to fashion trends just as much as it did back in the ‘90s. The interesting thing about the modern-day maxi is that this design has earned way more ground than it ever did before, by bringing all of the previous trending styles together. In fact, any type of long skirt will make you look fashionable right now, just as long as it’s a maxi!



This season, the best maxi skirts are comfortable and capacious, and come in either fluid fabrics or more structured materials such as denim or cotton. For smarter occasions, you could try a knife-pleat style or a skirt that's cut on the bias. Those who prefer not to swish around in a surfeit of fabric could opt for a slim-fitting maxi instead.

Whichever style you choose, make sure it's the right length for you. Believe me, I know just how hard it is to find the right size maxi skirt when you’re petite, which is why I’ve sourced tons of different styles, lengths and sizes for the online shop.



If you're looking to rock a maxi this season, in these videos I style 5 chic outfit ideas using a mixture of thrifted clothes and some clothes from our store.




Outfit 1

I paired this beautiful tailored long skirt with a simple white T-shirt and a knitted vest for a modernised twee style. Of course, I like to pair my maxi skirts with platform shoes to elongate the figure. Try NOT to pick extremely big and eccentric prints for your maxi skirts, as these naturally break up your body’s proportions. Go neutral instead and if you really want a printed maxi skirt, go for animal prints⁠.


Outfit 2

With a nod to Y2K inspired soft grunge, I’ve styled this tailored maxi skirt with a white crop top and an open knit multicoloured jumper. This way, I can balance out the lower body with a baggy knit up top. My top tip? Always pick a high-waisted skirt to flatter your petite proportions.


Outfit 3

For a minimalist aesthetic, just pair a maxi skirt with a simple top and blazer. You can pick whether to style it with chunky boots, flats or heels and it will always look feminine and effortless and it has that sophisticated quiet luxury feel to it.


Outfit 4

The beauty of swishy maxi skirts is that you can pair them with pretty much anything and it will still give your style an edge. On those days when I don’t feel like dressing up, I just throw on a crop top, any maxi skirt and trench coat and still look put together, with very little effort.


Outfit 5



I enjoy recreating celebrities' looks, but sometimes it can be hard to look just as chic when you’re petite. Thankfully, I spend hours sourcing the right vintage pieces for small women like me, so the selection available in the shop makes this possible. In this video, I have managed to recreate this outfit from Hayley Bieber (5′ 7″) on a petite body (I’m 5′ 2!″). .site-nav__dropdown { display: block; top: 100%; } #PageContainer { margin-bottom: -113px; }