Pockets and Cargo Trend for SS23 and how to style for Petite

The Resurgence of Cargo Pants

If you're into the utilitarian chic look, cargo pants are a must-have item this season. These baggy yet practical pants with multiple pockets were all the rage in the '90s and early 2000s and now they're back in style for the spring. I personally think they're the most versatile trouser of 2023 because when styled appropriately, they can work either as a super casual or glam chic look. They're flattering for the figure and the perfect choice for when you want to go out without a bag (you can simply store all your belongings in your pockets!).

Since their huge popularity in the 90s & Y2K, the cargo pant has been trending on and off for years. This year we've seen Balmain, Off-White and Ganni putting their own spin on the trouser with high-waisted khaki, camel, cream and denim variations all making a comeback.



How to Style the cargo trend

Since these trousers are more utilitarian pants, cargo pants can be bulky with all those pockets everywhere, especially if they’re also a looser/wider leg design. When you’re petite like me, wearing anything bulky and/or wide can make it feel like you look shorter than you already are. This week, I’ve put together a few tips for styling this versatile trend when you’re petite so that it won’t make you feel shorter!


  • Opt for a slightly cropped or petite length: Much like with wide-leg pants, the key to wearing cargo pants when you’re petite is to make sure the inseam is slightly cropped. You want the pant legs to skim your ankle rather than drag on the floor. 
  • Pick your perfect rise: If you plan to wear mostly cropped tops with your cargo pants, pick cargo pants with a higher rise to elongate your legs. But if you’re planning to jump on the low-rise trouser trend, make sure to wear a chunkier platform and regular-length tops and/or tops tucked into your cargo pants. These tips will really help your body look proportionate when styling these trousers.
  • Play around with proportions: For oversized cargo pants, I would recommend a more form-fitting top and the other way around if your cargo pants are slim-fitted, match it with an oversized top or shirt.



If you’re on the shorter side, a great option is to pair your cargos with some platform shoes to elongate your figure. Whether these are heels, platform boots, sandals or trainers, they’re petite girls’ best friends!


If you need more inspiration and styling ideas, I’ve put together a couple of videos for you to save for later and go back to whenever you’re not so sure what to wear with your cargo trousers. 




Whichever look you choose to try out next, be sure to play around with accessories like belts, hats, and sunglasses to add personal flair to your cargo trouser outfit. With these tips in mind, you can easily style your cargo trousers for any occasion and make them the versatile addition to your wardrobe that they’re meant to be!

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