Why 90s minimalism is more than just a trend

While you may hear the term trending a lot at the moment, the 90s minimalist look has never really gone out of fashion since it first made its mark 30 years ago.

naomi campbell pinstripe trouser waistcoat suit 90s

Naomi Campbell in a chic pinstripe waistcoat/trouser suit


white black dress 90s vintage fashion


At the core of this aesthetic is a neutral palettelong fitted skirts/dresses, jeans, tank tops and clean lines. Think simple, re-wearable pieces - ideal for a sustainable wardrobe.


kate moss vest top jeans 90s


Functionality, fit and good tailoring are at the core of this massive 90s trend. These 3 components are all pillars of slow fashion and are at the heart of our OP original designs.


The Eve Skirt


The Leni Trouser


Kate Moss and other 90s supermodels were often seen sporting this simple chic style as well as Hollywood A-listers like Gwyneth Paltrow.

kate moss long black maxi skirt trainers

gwyneth paltrow black top skirt trainers nineties

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