Trendy Petite Ranges

It can’t be denied that petite ranges have come a long way in recent years. The vertically challenged were once a demographic that the majority of fast-fashion companies didn’t cater

Top Trainers for Petites

First world problem of the day: You like wearing trainers but they don’t always give your little legs enough height…AMIRITE? Luckily it’s all about casual platforms and the chunky “dad

Winter Coat 101

Personally, I think that purchasing a new coat (or two or three) is one of the most exciting things about Winter. A simple piece of outerwear can make a really

Monochrome Magic

One easy way to create the illusion of some extra inches is to wear all one colour (also known as monochromatic dressing). The reason behind this is that, visually, you’ll create the image of a consistent vertical line which makes you appear taller to others.

Fine Lines

Pinstripes, streaks and panels…however you wear them, vertical lines are a petite girl’s best friend. They elongate the body like nothing else can, giving the illusion of never ending limbs,